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autism and workplace survival

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autism and workplace survival

Messagepar Mayumi » Lun 20 Juin 2011 22:29

un article autobiographique (en anglais) d'un autiste sur sa non-survie dans le monde du travail.

After this trip through various places of employment some things became clear to me. To survive as a full-time employee of an organization, these tenets must be followed by me.

1. I must know myself well enough to know where in the workplace I fit in. I seriously misjudged that as I entered the business world. The conformity along with the suit & tie thing just doesn't work for me.

2. Close supervision of my day-to-day activities doesn't work for me. I do much better if I'm given a task and a period of time to figure out what must be done, usually in a way that it hasn't been done before.

3. Find a mentor or mentors I can trust. They can save your employment life.

4. Having an interest in a particular field doesn't mean that it is good for me to work in.

5. There is more to life than work. [[Really?]] Yup! I'm still learning that.
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